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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Intentional Memory Keeping and

It's always good to take a short break. Although perhaps it's not precisely possible to pass off 1 year, 1 month and 4 days as that, it was still a good thing for me :) I realize that a hobby can stay a hobby and not an arduous commitment.

I do want to share that I'm now posting on or
I hope you'll have a look at the new site and drop by to say hello. You may know that among other things, I am a certified craft enthusiast, serial memory keeper, avid baker, unapologetic bookworm, and (clearly) a pharmacist. This new home humbly combines my love for them all. I'm still in the midst of uploading my handmade crafts, but for now I do prefer the cohesiveness of merging all my passions into one. :)

 This year, my one little word that I'd like to invite into my life is intent.
Taking photos for intentional memory keeping
Taking photos for intentional memory keeping
I want to celebrate progress and not get caught up in perfection. Being an active participant in my journey; reflecting, adjusting and moving forward with purpose instead of just letting life happen around me.

I think we'll be able to see this spill over into my craft-making creative process. I'm excited to share the journey, most especially for me to look back on. Expressing myself in words, either here or in my minibooks, layouts or Project Life (and okay, emailing myself paragraphs of thoughts and reflections like the introverted dork that I am) is yet another form of memory keeping after all.

I honestly loved looking back on the last year I had. I treasure everything that I can still see, feel, touch and hear the evidence of. Maybe I'm just built that way: each small memory matters. Isn't intentional memory keeping wonderful?

I'm excited to see where I will be at the end of the year.
I've also decided to share an idea at the end of each post, and the first is a weird but remarkable one: when you find yourself speaking ill of another person (because we humans tend to slip and let that happen even when we're adamant that we wouldn't), look at yourself in the mirror. Literally.

Stand in front of a mirror- you'll know when it's long enough. It will click.  Your cruel words reflect the worst on yourself and not on anyone else. Just to drive the point in, keep looking at yourself in the mirror and focus on your face. Just look at you! Hey there good lookin'! Now imagine your face was slowly melting off. Skin and flesh, off your bones. No one can reconcile this face that they've come to know with what it looks like now.

Do you still like you? Will people still like what's left of you? Do you still have value? Or is the best part of you gone?

Don't find your worth in your appearance - it can be volatile (: Be kind to one another.
vixendeity-footer-logoTwo things to remember in life. Take care of your thoughts when you are alone, and take care of your words when you are with people.

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